The White Lights EP

by Andrea Desmond and the White Lights

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released December 25, 2012

Andrea Desmond: vocals, piano/keyboard, songwriter
Steve Miller: guitar, vocals
William Mapp: drums
Steve Nicholson: bass

Special Guest: Jasen Denten on viola and flute
Recorded at Toybox Studios: Seattle, WA



all rights reserved


Andrea Desmond Seattle, Washington

Andrea’s positive attitude, sultry sounds, conscious lyrics and high-energy stage presence radiate her pure soul! When one hears her for the first time, it will take the listener from a culture of despair and deliver them to a culture of hope! Andrea’s music, sweet compassionate smile, and angelic voice, will remind you of good times while taking you to another dimension of bliss & harmony. ... more

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Track Name: Teal Water
I'm thinking of an aeroplane
Can't wait to fly away
Forget about this mess I'm in
And just try to live again

Darling, I'm dreaming of teal, teal water
And darling, I'm dreaming of orange cliffs
I'm willing to go, I'm willing to move on
Darling, I guess this is it

Walking in, the beat caught my breath
And the window to my heart was on the floor
Kiss me kinder, and hold me tightly
And stay up till dawn once more


I loved long, and I loved hard
And I'm okay with a little less
So no one wins, no luck today
I'm lifting up my blanket and putting on my dress
Track Name: Run
Once again the same thing happened
And I wonder how I got here this time
While I'm going through the motions
So much else is on my mind


And I say run, run, run
From the knots of history
And games, and games
Run, Run, Run
To open spaces and fields to feel untamed
And just be the way our bodies came
Just be the way our bodies came

I'm chasing down a dream I don't even know
And I'm moving to a place I haven't ever seen
But if I don't take one more step forward
I'm stuck inside the way in already seems

Track Name: Block the Heart
Fingerprints and stark stains
The colors of a palette in the drain
We are not at fault for being human


The stars are not just shape-defined
In a world where how we measure is time
Steal my money, steal my mind
I don't lost at all
These little ploys with only
Block the heart from its call

Tangible tranquility
Resonates all around
Reaching hands they
Try to grasp the gold they've found

They overstretch, and overeat
Then starve back to the ground
And wake up, and wonder why
They're hazed in hazy sound


Onyx coals and copper have their worth
For well I flow to deeper holes of earth
Brighter spots remind me of the carpet
That worries not and floats above my target

Track Name: Painting
Go forth vigorously
Gotta wonder what you're fear sees
My dear friend, it's holding you astray
And very well may want you to pay

Fountains flooding hoses,
Water scarlet blood and roses
My dear friend, I don't want you to miss
But who am I to tell you what is

I'm faint, faint, faintly tainting
And great, great, greatly painting
Say, say, say
It's a holiday

Rocks weigh down our pages
Many of them from all the ages
My dear friend, the writing remains
Like milk and rain, here to sustain

Fire could make the forest burn
But it also could spark the lanterns
My dear friend, warmth all in one
Just perfectly done floating suns


Say say say.....